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How Does HGH Aid Body Building?

How Does HGH Aid Body Building?

When you take a shot of HGH, it goes straight into your bloodstream and is transported to other parts of the body especially the liver.

Your liver then transforms HGH to IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor). IGF-1 is what aids muscle growth. IGF-1 also speeds up the synthesis of protein by connecting with its receptor found in the tissues of your skeletal muscles. When HGH connects with Somatropin receptors, it burns fat by increasing the level of the unused fatty acid. Loss of fat doesn’t contradict the process of muscle growth because your lean muscles can expand while you burn fat at the same time.

How HGH Enhances Body Building

HGH has a proper dosage and duration for maximum effects. When you’re on HGH shots or drugs, you will begin to notice slight changes from 14 weeks but a vast difference would be noticed after you begin to use it consistently.

The longer you take HGH, the lesser the dosage you will need. The best timeframe for taking HGH is between 14- 16 weeks.

The proper dosage for successful body building should not be less than 4 IU. Your initial dose should be between 4 to 6 IU. Within your next cycles, you only need a daily intake of 15 IU. If you take more than 10 IU you need to add insulin into your cycle. This is what will protect you from pancreatic issues.

HGH users also stand the risk of developing diabetes.

The Best Time Of The Day To Get An HGH Shot

HGH burns fat when your sugar level is low and when your insulin is at a minimal point.

It is best taken when you are fasting or before you eat in the morning.

After your shot, do exercises like running so you can burn unused fatty acid.

Try to run for as long as 3 hours because it takes that same period of time for the unused fatty acid to roam freely in your bloodstream.

The second dose of injections should be taken within 8 hours or right before you sleep at night. This is when your HGH and IGF-1level will rise.

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