Each PACEY Children Come First approved network must have its own complaints procedure and if you have a complaint about a childminding network, initially, you should use the individual network's procedure to resolve any complaints. However, should this not be possible, or it has failed, PACEY has a complaints procedure which individuals or agencies who wish to complain about the possible breach of the PACEY Children Come First Criteria may use.

PACEY Children Come First complaints procedure

If you, as an individual, or as a representative of an agency, wish to complain about the possible breach of the PACEY Children Come First scheme criteria by a childminding network you must set out your concerns in writing and send them to PACEY Children Come First (Complaints), PACEY, Royal Court, 81 Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1TW.

Only complaints set out in writing can be dealt with by PACEY.

  • You must enclose evidence that substantiates your concerns.
  • Only evidence that is first hand, such as written statements from people who have direct experience of the matter, can be taken into account. Hearsay will not be considered.
  • PACEY's Quality Lead will decide if the complaint is inadmissible, and if so, will refer the complainant elsewhere, such as to the network's own complaints procedure.

Within 15 working days of receiving your complaint, the Quality Lead will:

  • inform the childminding network concerned that a complaint has been received, indicating the nature of the complaint, and the evidence presented.
  • invite the network to respond to the complaint and to produce evidence that is relevant to the matter concerned. The network's response must also be in writing.

Within 15 working days of receiving the network's response, the Quality Lead will:

  • review the complaint and the evidence you have presented.
  • review the response from the network.
  • assess whether the complaint is justified.

If the complaint is not upheld, the Quality Lead will:

  • write to you with the reasons for their decision, if the complaint is not upheld.

If the complaint is upheld, the Quality Lead will:

  • propose a course of action with a timescale for completion to the network, to remedy the situation

         communicate the details of the action plan to the network in writing, with a copy to you.

If the network does not accept the decision and proposed action plan the matter will be referred to the PACEY Children Come First panel. The panel will consist of:

  • an independent external chair 
  • the PACEY Director of Professional Standards
  • a PACEY Children Come First assessor (other than the assessor who assessed the network for approval).

The panel will consider the complaint at its next meeting. Firstly, the evidence presented with the complaint and then the evidence from the network. The  Quality Lead will ensure that all the evidence collected is presented to the panel.

The panel will decide on a recommendation which might be:

  • that no action is taken, and that the network continues with PACEY Children Come First approval until the end of its three-year term.
  • that a specified course of action is taken by the network, with a timetable for achievement, along with a requirement that evidence of the action is produced.
  • that PACEY Children Come First approval is suspended and, as appropriate, the local authority and Ofsted or Estyn are informed. The Early Years Education grant should no longer be paid to accredited childminders within the network.
  • another appropriate course of action.



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