Thinking of developing a network?

Music makingWhether you work as part of a children's centre, extended school, community-focussed school, Sure Start local programme, regeneration project, NHS Trust, or any other form of family support service, childcare will play a part in your organisation's targets.

Because registered childminders are home-based and self-employed, working with a childminding network can give you a straightforward and practical option to offering childcare and family support services and increasing the number of childcare places and the choice of childcare in your area.

Childminding networks can be particularly valuable if you:

  • want the reassurance of quality-assured care. If you are recommending childcare then you want to know it is of the highest quality. Working with a PACEY Children Come First network means you know that the childminders have shown they meet high standards and are regularly checked.
  • are short on space. Making a childminding network an integral part of your centre or school can help you increase the number of childcare places you offer, without finding additional space on site or funding capital build.
  • want to support community regeneration. Childminders run their own businesses, giving them additional skills and experiences in many areas, not just childcare. Plus, with increased childcare in the area, it enables others in the community to return to work.
  • want straightforward adminstration and logistics. A childminding network offers you the services of the network's coordinator, who works with the network childminders to provide a servie.
  • work with a widely-dispersed community. In rural areas there may not be the demand to sustain a nursery or it may be too far to travel. Childminding networks are ideal in this situation as they can cover wide geographical spread, meeting the local needs.
  • already have centre-based care. Parents need real choices in their children's care and education, giving parents the chance to access good quality, home-based childcare.




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